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Search help - all Japan
Use this to search for any -ken, -shi, -gun, -ku or area in Japan. If you also enter "chome" data (e.g "Takamiya" and "4-8-12") we will try to take you straight to a (candidate) address.

Important: you can only search for areas the post office knows about - e.g. "Akasaka" is fine but "Mount Fuji" won't work.

The default search is to "All Japan". There is a short list of cities and a longer list of prefectures that let you restrict the search. (If your city isn't marked here don't worry - you can use the drilldown to find and bookmark a "lighter" page that will search ONLY within a specific prefecture or city in Japan. e.g * Tokyo. If you use diddlefinger a lot, it is worth finding and bookmarking your city's page.)

"for..." is where you enter what you are searching for. This defaults to an exact search: e.g. searching on "Taka" would bring up "Taka" but not "Takamiya". (See "lazy search" below.)

"Opt: chome info" is where you optionally enter the chome, ban and go part of an address. (If you are looking for an area, not an address, leave this blank). This should be numbers, spaces and hyphens only. (We convert spaces to hyphens, so you can enter 4 8 12 for 4-8-12).

"lazy search: if selected, we will look for anything with a name starting with the letters you entered in the "for..." field. E.g. searching on "Taka" will bring up "Taka", "Taka-gun", "Taka-cho", "Takaba".

1. No commas, hyphens ONLY as below.
2. To find a prefecture add -ken OR ken. e.g: Nagasaki-ken OR Nagasakiken
3. To find a city add -shi OR shi. e.g: Nagasaki-shi OR Nagasakishi
4. To find a ward add -ku OR ku. e.g: Minami-ku OR Minamiku
5. Case is not important - "nagasaki" = "Nagasaki".
5. No wildcards, keep it simple.

We only show the first 15 results, so type enough characters to narrow your search.
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